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Welcome to the Art of Hosting Story Map. There are thousands of practitioners worldwide hosting spaces for meaningful conversations in the most diverse contexts. Each practitioner is like a treasure chest of stories. We invite you as practitioners to share some of your hidden treasures.

The purpose of this story map is to create a space for practitioners to share and learn from each others stories of the art of hosting and harvesting meaningful conversations in practice. No matter in which context, how large or small the group was you worked with, how short or long the process was, if it was a story that you’d call successful or not. We invite you to share them for the benefit of this community and the deepening of our practice.

We have created a simple form to make it easy for everyone to share their story, for others to understand what you did and to make it easy to search by  place, context or tag. If you need any help please email us at stories@artofhosting.org.