Bold Leadership to Recharge Rural Ontario

Bold Leadership to Recharge Rural Ontario

Ontario’s rural and agricultural organizations and communities are under pressure – we are all trying to do more with less to address increasingly complex challenges. This pressure also brings with it an opportunity for real change, and real change calls for a new kind of leadership. At the 2012 Leading Edge Summit we gathered together to explore this bold leadership for recharging our communities – how to move beyond our familiar ways of leading and working together to energize and mobilize participation through the Art of Hosting.



Date:                                            October 16, 2012

Duration:                                     2 days

Country (or countries):              [128]

Number of people involved:   51 to 150

Contexts:                                     Multi-Stakeholder

Practices used:                           Circle Practice, Open Space, World Cafe, Design Breaths




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Alicia Evans

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