Hosting Participative Leadership in Faith Based Community

This is an ongoing story for the last two years. It is about bringing participative leadership forms, methods, and frameworks into a large conference design and as a style for community leadership. It began with a phase of working with a General Assembly Planning Committee (15 people). General Assembly for this tradition takes place every four years. I joined Teresa Posakony to work with Sisters and Affiliates to create support a circle process for community groups to explore questions that are important for their tradition now and into the next four years. A second phase was to design and host the General Assembly, a gathering for 260 over five days. We used many circle, cafe, open space. We used the framing of Two Loops to help identify collectively what was dying and what is being born new, the bold risks for the future. A third phase was to create strategic direction from that assembly, which then shaped a fourth phase, creating process for new leadership discernment and election. Beautiful to be with these sisters.

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