The Story of a Learning Village on the Edge of the World

Many moons ago, a Danish hobbit named Toke, returned to the edge of the world in Nuu-chah-nulth territory after a few decades in service to Oneness. He walked the Long Beach with an indigenous Caller, who doesn’t show up to the things she calls. What luck she would live in this territory that holds a special place in the Elder hobbits heart.

Toke shares many stories with the Caller but what holds the most energy is the story of a Learning Village that exists in the most unsuspected place, Zimbabwe. Many indigenous youth who hear the Learning Village story, dream of Learning Villages on Turtle Island too. Hope radiates out of such stories, for if it is possible for the Kufunda Learning Village pilot project to last for over 10 years, surely it is possible to build a Learning Village by reclaiming asserted Crown territory under Canada’s reign? Right?

A worthy Learning Village project invites the indigenous Caller to actively research it more so she replaces vacations at Caribbean resorts being served, to being in service to Learning Villages wherever they show up. First on the list, a visit to Kufunda in Zimbabwe where young people including some orphans, find belonging.

The Caller feels at home on the other side of the world doing good work like it is any other day. The Warrior of the Heart dojo introduces the Caller to her inner power. The Caller meets Marianne Knuth, a Warrioress shining in all her graceful fierceness by living her dream. Self Reliance is key to surviving happily but don’t be fooled this is not utopia or Shangri-La, only step in if you are willing to get real work done.

Next is a visit to the Slovenia Learning Village. Where is that? The Caller replies, “I will find out when I get there” and it is where she finds forgiveness in her heart, understanding that we are all ONE, no matter where on this planet we meet, live, breath, learn; “everything is connected & I am connected to everything” The web of life needs mending & the art of hosting living systems is a pattern that works to be the change that really matters.

Children give a little huge offering. It’s amazing how fast collective hands-on activity can clean out centuries of debris in a chapel. Real work gets done by the little ones. Hearing the stories on the land the stories come from is much more potent than reading a book about it! Holy Grail & dragons. And the soul pupose of the Caller’s trip, to visit the genesis of both the art of hosting and learning villages at Castle Borhl! Practice more peace.

The Caller is offered a chance to make the west coast Learning Village dream real. One thing is for sure, the Caller needs to sharpen her skills if this Learning Village is ever going to happen in her part of the world. The wise hobbit Elder Toke has a traveling Learning Village that goes wherever he goes. The Caller asks him “May I apprentice with you?” and she ventures out on a long learning journey through Scandinavia. The top three things she learns:

* What happens on the core team is amplified in the field.
* Vulnerability takes real courage.
* This is only practice grounds for whatever needs to happen next.

Woven into the design of her trip, the Caller retraces her French Viking ancestry. Her mothers, mothers lineage is from Normandy. Indigenous ceremonies appease her colonial ancestors in their motherland.

What is the next most brilliant step?
Within the shadow, skills must be sharpest.
Vulnerability rules in the darkness.
Unified and in service to Oneness.
Rainbow warriors rise-up.
Armoured with markers, flip charts, flow games & bokkens.
Spoken word captures freedom than releases it.
Learning Village is a place to belong
Real work gets done.
Nature provides
all we need to survive.
Ask the hereditary Chief
to pilot Hahopa Learning Village.
Healing the really big stuff
to get systems flowing.
Knowing that all reality starts with a
What a gift to witness this dream happening.
Real time.

The Elder hobbit responds to the keen Caller:
“Thank you for the journey
so far

With more to come

Living for
peaceful coexistence
well being for all
Is the fruit
Of personal practice
Of collective practice
Of the original instructions
Of the universe
Not quite forgotten

Beyond the protocols
That serve no more
A learning circle
Of being human
Gifts us
To Remember
What is beyond
Right and wrong
as we
Practice living better together
In learning
In giving and receiving
In oneness with all
That was
And will be.

Ah knowing
That we already belong
To this breathing
This wave of life
As it comes
And goes
Like the cool waves
On the ancient shore
Kindness and fierce love
of Hahopaing
Of Kufundaing
Of living and learning
Alone and together
From the heart

A bow to your heart
Of hearts
Where the oneness

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