Manifesting a second-order revolution in Brazil

Manifesting a second-order revolution in Brazil

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Street protests will not disappear (nor should they), but perhaps the demonstrations of the future will include a walk of millions, followed by thousands of dialogue circles. Perhaps the definition of new laws will be preceded by open conversations that take place in a public park near you, and hosted by anyone who is interested. Imagine what might happen if political representatives were to join these conversations to meet with their constituents face to face. No longer will political responsibility be delegated to the few. Instead, the public could take much closer ownership of the political process.



Date:                                            June/July 2013

Duration:                                     2-4 months

Country (or countries):              [128]

Number of people involved:   151 to 500

Contexts:                                     Civil Society, Government & Public Sector, Multi-Stakeholder

Practices used:                           Circle Practice, World Cafe



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Augusto Cuginotti

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